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Sometimes in our application we want to Get Current Url with Query Parameters in Laravel. It can be complete url, route name and query params too so that we can fetch the data accordingly and show to user on basis of conditions in our view or controller.

We can easily get current url with query parameters in laravel 5, laravel 6, laravel 7, laravel 8 and laravel 9 application and all example will work in all versions. Majorly we will use url helper and facade function of laravel.

There is multiple ways to find the current url , route name and all information of route with query params in laravel and they are as follow

Get Current URL using url Helper

We will learn to find the query params and current url in this article and also learn to access each of query params by converting them into array so that we can easily parse and use in our view and controller so let’s start the tutorial with methods

Method 1 : Get Current URL using url Helper

To get the url using url helper we need to call as follow

$currentURL = url()->current();


$currentURL = /URL::current();

Method 2 : Get Current URL With Query Params

In this example we will get all query params as well with help of full method of url helper as follow

$urlWithQuery = url()->full();


$currentURL = /URL::full();

Method 3 : Get Current URL With Request Class

In this example we will get all query params as well with help of full method of request class as follow

$urlWithQuery = $request->full();

or we can also get query parameters as follow


How to get route name and info in laravel ?

Sometimes we also need to get the route name of current request so we can get as follow

$route = Route::current()->getName();

$name = Route::currentRouteName();

$action = Route::currentRouteAction();

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