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Bootstrap is a UI framework to enhance the beauty of website. In this tutorial i will show you to use Bootstrap 5 in laravel. Using the bootstrap we can enable multiple UI multiple functionality like we can show amazing buttons , card, input etc. Even with JavaScript library of bootstrap give us several functionality like popup, sliders, date picker etc.

To explain and understand the use bootstrap 5 in laravel 9 i will install the simple package laravel/ui which gives basic starting point using BootstrapReact, and / or Vue. Laravel uses NPM to install these frontend frameworks in laravel application.

Let’s start the tutorial

Step 1: Create a fresh laravel project

Open a terminal window and type below command to create a new project

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

You can also read this to start with new project

Step 2 : Install the package

Now install the package using composer in laravel root directory, open the terminal in laravel root directory and run below command to install laravel/ui the package.

composer require laravel/ui

Step 3 : Enable the bootsrap

We have just installed the laravel/ui package now we can enable it using the below artisan command

php artisan ui bootstrap

Not only bootstrap you can easily enable vue or react js as well

php artisan ui vue
php artisan ui react

Or if you want to enable auth layout then

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

Here we are also enabling the auth routes like login and register scaffolding page in bootstrap.

Step 4 : Install js and css using npm

Final step is to install js and CSS using node package manage(NPM)

npm install && npm run dev

Run our application using artisan command and check the implementation

php artisan serve


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