Extra Hour of Sleep! Daylight Saving Time Ends on November 5, 2023

Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour on the night of Saturday, November 4th, to Sunday, November 5th, at 2:00 AM local time

Fall Back Safely: Tips for Adjusting to the End of Daylight Saving Time

As daylight hours get shorter, be mindful of adjusting to the time change to avoid sleep disruptions and maintain a healthy sleep schedule

Check Your Devices: Ensure Accurate Time Settings After DST End

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Besides changing your clocks, remember to update the time on electronic devices like smartphones, computers, and smart home systems to avoid confusion

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Enjoy Longer Evenings: Daylight Saving Time Transition Brings Earlier Sunset

While it may be dark earlier in the evening, this is an opportunity to embrace cozy fall activities and spend quality time with loved ones indoor

Prepare for Winter: DST End Signals the Start of Colder Weather Ahead

With the end of DST, it's time to get your winter clothing and heating systems ready for the colder months ahead