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In our recent article i wrote about creating migration in laravel and sometimes after creating migration we want to rollback a specif migration so in this article i will show you to rollback a specific migration in laravel. Laravel artisan have multiple options to rollback the migration like we can rollback all migrations, we can rollback last n number of migration using step option and in the same way we can rollback all specific rollback using reset option.

In relational databases rollback is a technique to revert back the database operation in previous state. In the same way laravel maintains it migrations in file and database, and we can rollback the operation to its previous state using artisan command.

However there is no direct command to rollback the specific migration but we can use this blow tricks to rollback the migration.

Steps to rollback specific migration

Step 1 : Open database and check migrations table

In this step we will open our database using any tool like phpMyAdmin or command line then check migrations table.

Migration table

As you can see we have migration table and i want to rollback 2022_02_15_174050_add_status_movies_table

Step 2 : Change batch number to last number

Now, change the batch number of 2022_02_15_174050_add_status_movies_table to last number of batch number , In our example last number is 8 so change the 2022_02_15_174050_add_status_movies_table batch to 9

Change batch number

Step 3 : Run artisan rollback command

Run the artisan command rollback to make the changes

php artisan migrate:rollback --step=1

So here we are rollback the last batch which is 9

Rolling back: 2022_02_15_174050_add_status_movies_table

Rollback last migrations using step option

We can also rollback last migration using the step option in artisan command, step option accept numeric parameter to rollback last migrations. For example if --step =2 then it means it will rollback last two migrations.

here is the command

php artisan migrate:rollback --step=3

Rollback last batch migrations

We can also rollback last batch of migration using the migration rollback command without any options as below

Here is the command

php artisan migrate:rollback

Rollback all migrations and reset database

We can also rollback all migration and also can reset the database migration to start point using artisan migration:reset command

Here is the command

php artisan migrate:reset

Rollback all and Re run all migrations

refresh option is used to rollback all migration and it runs again migration command to re create the database

Here is the command

php artisan migrate:refresh

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  1. you change your migration command it’s give error during migration php artisan migration:rollback to php artisan migrate:rollback

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